A frequently unnoticed Servant, Caligula is a highly hit-or-miss Servant. Euryale is a very iconic Servant and holds a special status amongst the community for her highly specialized skill set. Still, George is easily both one of the cheapest and best meat shields one can rely on when things get rough. His first gimmick is dealing damage that is entirely unblockable, bypassing defense and damage reduction, based on how much HP he has lost compared to when he first activated his NP. Outside of this particular niche, the playwright sadly does not offer much else. Thus, he only truly shines in a team built around him and is still very prone to dying to random critical hits. : Tier placement will move up at least 1 Tier in the future. In addition, his Noble Phantasm grants him unique niche in applying a potent AoE Debuff Resistance Down debuff. Caesar’s main problem is his very poor survivability, as he lacks defensive skills while also having relatively poor HP values. Okada Izo is an Assassin class ST Arts damage dealer with a specialty in man-slaying (anti-Humanoid damage). By continuing to browse our site, you agree to our Cookie Policy. His main features are his powerful single turn team-wide Buster buff and his targetable 20% NP charge. in Singapore,Singapore. Few can claim to be better Star Generators than Cursed Arm, especially for his low cost. Each element is evaluated on its own. 4. His NP, Imitation God Force, will ignore DEF and can Skill Seal enemies, giving him a bit of bonus utility outside of farming applications. First of all, he offers great team-wide support in the form of Attack and NP damage buffs, and great healing (particularly for female allies). She is essentially a support or utility Assassin despite her single target Noble Phantasm. With her signature skill Rapid Words of Divine, Medea can fire off her Rule Breaker whenever it comes off cooldown (just level 4 of the skill offers a whopping 101% NP upon use). In the right team, Billy can easily function as the primary damage dealer. Thanks to his low rarity, Andersen has great availability, incredibly low Party Cost and low investment costs for fantastic returns. When unleashed on enemies afflicted by the “Poisoned” status, his Noble Phantasm can deal upwards of 3750% damage at NP level 5, making Robin an efficient boss killer, especially when he is the centerpiece of a dedicated Arts team. Touta is a highly unusual Servant. His Mental Corruption skill essentially only bolsters the success rate of his third skill, Evil Eye of the Abyss (only affecting the chance of the initial delayed debuff working, NOT the turn-by-turn stun success chance), and while the combo can be quite powerful, it has an enormous cooldown and is still not reliable even with both skills maxed. Welcome to our Lancer tier list for FGO (Fate/Grand Order)! Kid Gil is a solid AoE Archer with a wide array of positive traits. Li Shuwen Hits: 4|2|1|5 Chinese Martial Arts (Bajiquan) A+++ Ignores Invincibility for 1 turn.Increases own critical damage for 1 turn. https://www.patreon.com/JoonaBananaJoin the Discord! FGO Servant (updated thru Xmas 2020) Tier List Maker Share Template on Twitter Share Template on Facebook FGO Tier List (but actually with all the servants) However, Lu Bu also possesses some deadly flaws to balance out his sheer power, namely having the durability of a wet paper towel and completely lacking the NP generation or Star Generation to set himself up. Thanks to these tools, he works very well in short battles where he can support the party with strong burst potential during Noble Phantasm chains while not being a complete deadweight after using up all his cooldowns. As a result, David is mainly a highly flexible support hybrid who excels at supporting powerful friend support Servants, yet, if need be, he can still offer some decent damage on the side. In this FGO Tier list, we have ranked the characters based on the average Death rate, … However, Arash is not a one-size-fits-all Servant due to his low stats and otherwise poor skill set. While he has some interesting debuffs in terms of NP Seal and Skill Seal, his effectiveness as a Taunter pales in comparison to his peers like Saint George or Leonidas, who pack both better duration on their Taunts and more durability to make it work. These Servants can be viable, but typically require extensive support. However, making him work requires a lot of effort, both in terms of material investment and a supportive cast. While his skills are all quite simple in nature and usage, they offer a good amount of firepower to the team, ranging from Critical Damage and Noble Phantasm damage, to overall attack damage. Despite fielding somewhat unimpressive damage numbers, Medusa is still quite useful for most Masters. Diarmuid suffers from a skill set that mainly lacks any form of offensive synergy. Sanson is a very specialized Servant, having two niches that not many possess, namely a targetable debuff clear and bonus damage against Evil or Human enemies. While it is by no means bad, his skill set and base stats do not provide enough firepower to back up his Buster-centric kit, resulting in a mismatch in identity as he ends up being just decent at both surviving and doing damage. Event List (US) Current: Christmas 2020 Event; Current: FGO Advent Calendar 2020; Current: FSN Heaven's Feel III Campaign; Story Release. After Rank Up, this skill becomes his NP battery as well, which does go well with his AoE Noble Phantasm for farming purposes. Houzouin Inshun has damage capability and crazy numbers other 1-3* Servants can only dream of. His Noble Phantasm grants him a good niche in Anti-Demon bonus damage, which is a common enough trait to make it useful. Even though she packs a Star Generation buff, her Star Generation is quite poor as well due to the low hit counts on all of her cards. His other aspects, however, do not hold up well nearly as well. As a result, Jing Ke’s usage often decreases as Masters acquire more specialized and/or stronger Assassins. 1-3 Star Servants Tier List. Packing Critical Chance Down, NP Drain, above average NP generation and NP/Skill Seal on her Noble Phantasm, Serenity can be quite useful in certain fights to cripple the boss. Not only does he have an absurdly high Noble Phantasm damage modifier, the fact that he sacrifices himself allows Arash to effectively bring in another teammate from the backline, creating numerous possibilities for team building in many farming setups. Furthermore, Medea can also clear debuffs from allies with her third skill upon completing her Rank-Up Quest. Welcome to our Saber tier list for FGO (Fate/Grand Order)! Could I get a pic? I have bias towards Extra characters and Servants since that is how I got into Fate in 2012. After finishing his Interlude, his AoE Noble Phantasm starts outputting notable numbers, with the extra benefits of very strong, albeit short-lived debuffs. I agree Kiyohime is another member of the F2P farming club. 【Genshin Impact】The Chalk Prince And The Dragon, 【Genshin Impact】All Ancient Carving Location, With some exceptions these Servants have the ability to be effective in all Quests, Exceptional performance in all of these areas: Versatility/High-difficulty Quests/Farming, They greatly reinforce the strength of the whole party, These Servants are the current game-changers in FGO, Exceptional performance in one of these areas: Versatility/High-difficulty Quests/Farming, Or overall superior performance in all three areas, Servants that are effective and can be recommended regardless of their level, Useful party members even within a mixture of Classes/Affinities, Common units on the list useful even when matched against rare ones, Perform exceptionally at high-difficulty levels and in Story progression, Or above average performance in all three areas, Their strong points mostly outweigh their own faults and weaknesses, Effective in most situations and with obvious benefits, Common Servants in this category can in certain circumstances be used even if you hold rarer units, Decent performance in one of these areas: Versatility/High-difficulty Quests/Farming, Might be the optimum choice depending on Support and Party composition, Superior within their own Class or among those with a similar role, Common Servants worth leveling up if you don’t have any rare Servants of the same role, Effective frontline Servants, depending on Support and Party composition, They have their strengths, but relatively speaking they are a step down from other units, Common Servants worth levelling up only if you don’t hold many characters in your pack, A step down compared to other Servants of the same type/role, They have strengths, but they are hard to utilize in the current game environment, Understand their strengths and use in a supporting role - and they can be effective, They are in a category that means they are rarely the best option, There are many stronger Servants of the same type/role, Their weaknesses stand out more than their strengths, Just going by their abilities they are a step down, even in parties making best use of them, Can be of some practical use if you fully grasp their specs, Their own faults and weaknesses greatly overshadow their strengths, Generally speaking, unvalued Servants that are currently neglected, Even fully understanding and utilizing their abilities is not enough, Require some care in how they are used within the game, Servants that don’t fit into any of the above categories, Generally speaking they have special strengths which are difficult to measure, Superior in certain areas but lacking versatility/difficult to fit into the right Party, Possibly the optimal pick for specific Quests only, On the whole for advanced players only, or those who have a good grasp of the game’s specs, Based on an average player’s Craft Essences, it’s assumed an NP50% Craft Essence with near ATK status, or Normal Effect Imaginary Number Magecraft is held, LvMAX/without Grail Ascension/Noble Phantasm strengthening Quest completed - all assumed, Assumed Star distribution 1-3, and Noble Phantasm 5/Star 4-5, Noble Phantasm 1, With Wave 1 secured, 10,000HP or Berserker to appear, even with random number lower Break, ease of defeat taken into consideration, Farming requires repeated attempts so luck is considered as a factor in any lack of success. As one-turn setups are quite effective in many scenarios in the game and Mozart’s material costs and Party Cost are incredibly low, the reward for raising him is tremendous. Despite his low base stats due to his low rarity, Caligula has enough steroids to deal astounding amounts of damage when all of his skills are active. His main problem is that there are no enemies who share both of his anti-traits. It's also worth noting that servants will be rated in only one tier list, even if they could be rated in another list. ©TYPE-MOON / FGO PROJECTAll trademarks, character and/or image used in this article are the copyrighted property of their respective owners.▶Fate/Grand Order Official Website. However, such power does not come for free. While her usage is quite limited outside of difficult male boss content, Euryale’s niche performance can outshine even those of higher rarity.