Sennelier - L'Aquarelle Watercolor Paint Set (18 Half Pans) with Sturdy Metal Palette Box | Enhanced Honey Content Pigments for Artist Quality Paints 4.7 out of 5 stars 64. It took 3-4 days to dry completely in the half pans. ... Kate Amedeo 4,839 views. For a long time, my primary watercolor brand was Dr. Ph. Best decision I made to upgrade! This is a small and portable box. Firefox. Watercolor Half Pans Sennelier celebrates 125 years of producing the finest artist materials with a new line of watercolors, a bright and lively palette in the tradition of French Impressionists. I have an 8 paints tube set from Sennelier and chucked out my Koi 12 pancolors to reuse the travel kit for the Sennelier paint tubes together with a couple from Mrs. Grahams from the Art Snacks box. Free postage. It's smaller than the Winsor & Newton Cotman Pocket Sketcher Box but slightly thicker. $92.03. Artists like Cézanne, Gauguin, Monet, Bonnard, Soutine, Picasso, Modigliani, Kandinsky, and Dali made this place a historic rendez-vous. I don't tend to spray my watercolours before use, though I know many artists do. Oct 29, 2017 - Buy Sennelier Watercolour Wooden Box Set of 24 Half Pans from Cass Art: A beautiful walnut box with 24 half pan extra-fine watercolour in Sennelier honey bucket, with a palette porcelain and 2 watercolour brushes. Initially, Sennelier sold paints made by various manufacturers; later he chose to produce his own paints using local pigments and binders procured from his travels across Europe. This website requires cookies to be enabled in order to use the shopping cart and wishlist. A watercolour tailored to the needs of today's artists. Only 1 left! The reason why I bought this set is to see if the cute box design is functional. Ken Bromley Art Supplies: Unit 13 Lodge Bank Estate, Crown Lane, Horwich, Bolton BL6 5HY, United Kingdom Sennelier Artist’s watercolors are made with an increased honey content which provides brilliant color while extending the paints longevity. I've reviewed Sennelier's 12 half pan box a few years ago so let me give you the bottomline first, their paint quality is still top notch.. A520.917: Sennelier watercolour half pan S3 Dioxazine Purple : 1: $16.92. In Stock Online. Now available in Half Pans in 98 colours. Available in 48 colors. Company Reg No. Perfect for your artsy weekend getaways! - 24 watercolor half pans, Sketchpad - 6" x 4" Académie Watercolor Block, Sennelier Cloth - embroidered with the Sennelier logo, 2 Brushes - Size 3/0 Kazan Squirrel Mop and a Size 4 Red Sable Round, The box measures 3"H x 8-1/4"W x 8-1/4"D when closed I picked up a set of 18 half pans of Sennelier l’Aquarelle watercolors, the deal was buy 12 get 6 free and I could not refuse. AU $15.00 to AU $18.95. Best prices at Cass Art. The colors are surprisingly bright and vibrant for student grade paints. Reply. Another advantage of the addition of honey is that the paint stay wet longer on the palette and makes it easier to reconstitute if it has dried. They are excellent and served my needs well for years, but there were a … Sennelier : Watercolour Paint : Half Pan : Wooden Box Set of 24 Paints Plus Acessories. £4.31 £6.10 You Save 29% (£1.79) View Available Options Honey-based, Colour Choice of the Impressionists. Hi friends! This student grade set features paint that is less pigmented then the higher quality Sennelier Artists Watercolor but gives the artist practicality with it's additional features. At that time, painters drew their inspiration from nature and set out to reproduce natural light. L'Aquarelle Sennelier has been produced in the same way for more than a century using the best pigments and top quality Kordofan Gum Arabic as a bonding agent. Color included: #675 Frech Vermillion #703 Payne's Grey #574 Primary Yellow #344 Cinerous Blue #314 French Ultramarine Blue #805 Pthalo Green Light #819 Sap … The one that I bought was the 12 half pan sets. This set includes one size 3 Sennelier watercolor brush and 48 Sennelier Aquarelle Half-pans housed in a portable metal tin with two fold out, hinged palette areas. Sennelier L'Aquarelle French Honey Based Watercolor Paint, Portable Travel Set Of 14 Half Pans With Brush - Beautiful Colors For Artists To Add To Their Art Supplies Brand: SENNELIER. I had several people recommend these as well and many folks wanting a review so when I saw a special on them I decided to give them a go. This week I have been playing with a new set of watercolors. The addition of honey will allow the tubes and pans of Sennelier watercolors to stand up to the passing of time and each time you will paint with them you will be able to accurately translate the diversity of light shape and hues. Pans . The amount of honey included has been adjusted over time to provide optimum vibrancy and consistency. Tel: 01204 690114 I have invested in premium tubes but I plan on buying some empty half pans from block and adding those in the middle row. Safari, SENNELIER French Artists WC Travel Set of 14 Half Pans Colors used by the Impressionists - housed in a beautiful case The choice of most reknown artists in the world Best Artist quality Watercolors on the market NEW IN THE USA - Best Professional Watercolors on the market How to enable cookies on into a prize draw. The roots of Sennelier watercolors are to be found in the Impressionist school. Like Like. Made in France using the same traditional methods for more than a century, these paints are bound with a superior Kordofan Gum Arabic binder and contain honey to provide incomparable brightness and smoothness. Best prices at Cass Art. It looks like you have cookies disabled on your browser. These are put in small plastic or metal boxes to keep the paint pans together as you use them. Sennelier French Artists' Watercolor Half Pans come in a range of 48 vivacious colors inspired by the original palette of the French Impressionists. 4.7 out of 5 stars 409 ratings. A starter set of 8 Artist/Professional Grade watercolors and comes with a small brush. Really, with a Sennelier French Artists' Watercolor Half Pan, you get the best of all eras, old and new, equaling a perfect wash free of particles. Their honey-based formulation offers a smooth consistency as well as extraordinary brilliance, luminosity, and longevity. Gustave Sennelier opened this art supply store in 1887, near the famous Ecole des Beaux-Arts. Each set contains top quality French Artists Watercolor, a travel brush and built in palette within a compact and sturdy metal case. Sennelier l'Aquarelle is a honey based watercolour which is luminous, brilliant and intense. 15:07. A watercolor tailored to the needs of today's artists. Sennelier L'Aquarelle French Watercolor Paint, Metal Set of 24 Half Pans: Home Improvement Buy Sennelier Watercolour Wooden Box Set of 24 Half Pans from Cass Art: A beautiful walnut box with 24 half pan extra-fine watercolour in Sennelier honey bucket, with a palette porcelain and 2 watercolour brushes. Current sets available for purchase in the USA have 12 half pans, 24 half pans or 12 tubes. AU $129.95. plus every month you will be entered Lightweight Sketchers' Box Half Pan Set of 24 +3 +4. Posted in Product Reviews sennelier la petite aquarelle watercolor paint review sennelier student grade vs artist grade paint sennelier watercolor review Post navigation. Sennelier Black Wooden Box 24 Half Pan Set A watercolorists dream! The boxes have a hinged lid to keep the pans in place when closed, and that, when open, also serves as a palette for mixing colors. Internet Explorer, This website requires the use of cookies in order to function. It has four large mixing wells in the top when opened, and has one large palette that pops out when opened.