After careful consideration of the pros and cons of spaying, you ve decided to have the procedure performed on your dog. This can result in low thyroid levels, which causes weight gain and lethargy. If you have this done for your senior dog, you can rest easy knowing that your “golden oldie” now has a significantly reduced chance of developing conditions that may require an emergency surgery, which is always a much riskier prospect in a senior animal. It’s important to note that most studies on the pros and cons of OSS involve larger dogs. Responsible Pet Ownership If the dog is a year old and still has a problem surgery needs to take place to go in and find the culprit! No. As they reach the “golden oldie” years (usually over the age of 7), I go on higher alert during exams to be sure that I catch any health concerns early, before they become serious problems. 3. The surgery is dangerous when a middle-aged or elderly dog is already sick from the infection. Photo: JACLOU-DL The Disadvantages of Spaying Your Girl Dog. Also, dogs are put to sleep every day because there are not enough homes for them. In order for this to be able to heal well quickly and safely, your dog needs to have 2-3 very quiet weeks. A few weeks after a heat period, some intact females act as though they're going to have pups. When you look at the current research on spaying and neutering, the AGE at which it's done turns out to be vitally important to your dog's future health. But there are already more than enough puppies in our world. But a lot of that evidence, while suggestive, remains preliminary at this point. Too much exercise and movement will put excessive strain on the delicate healing tissues and slow down healing. A big part of this is making the choice between a puppy or an older dog. The problem is that most dog training videos on the internet are worthless, because they use the wrong training method. If something unusual or unexpected is discovered during surgery (for example, a tumor that was not diagnosed until the time of surgery), the incision may be larger than usual, and skin sutures or staples may be needed. Even older dogs can still learn to be house trained. But on this present visit I was concerned, to say the least, when I palpated a thickened area associated with his right testicle. We hope this guide will help you decide what is right for your pet. For the majority of dog owners, spaying is still the best option in regards to the dog’s health and well-being as well as for the dog owner. Neutering helps in reducing aggressive … For example, your female dog should NOT be spayed at 6 months old. A senior dog recovering from a surgery likely needs extra TLC, including perhaps a little extra help on the stairs as well as some coaxing to eat. Each stage of a dog's life has numerous advantages to the other stages, so it really boils down to what matters to you most. If your dog is spayed before 2-1/2 years old, she is less likely to develop mammary tumors (about half are malignant). This benefit is reduced when the dog is neutered later in life, so it is a good idea to consider this option around the age of 6 months. Parents must enforce their rest period for the first few weeks, however, because a dog who is too active post-operatively can experience a number of complications and delay of healing. All three terms refer to a hysterectomy – removing the ovaries and uterus so your female no longer comes into heat and cannot have puppies. I have a Jack Russell who will be 8 years old at the end of August. On closer questioning, his parent said that Waldo had been asking to go outside to urinate more frequently, straining some and creating smaller urine pools than normal. Spaying and neutering dogs isn’t just about population control, and it isn’t something just done to puppies, either. You need to pay veterinary costs, and if anything goes wrong during the pregnancy or birthing or with the puppies, vet costs go up really fast. It sounds harmless, even amusing. By: Chewy EditorialPublished: November 18, 2014, BeWell / Wellness / Spaying and Neutering an Older Dog: Benefits and Side Effects. Home > Dog Health & Feeding > Spaying Your Female Dog, By Michele Welton, Dog Trainer, Breed Selection Consultant, Author of 15 Dog Books. Spaying Your Female Dog: Pros and Cons. So the next question is, "Should female dogs be spayed?". Homemade Dog Food Delivered To Your House. Much like older humans, hospital stays and surgeries take a little more toll on them than they do on younger dogs. Use commands, schedules, and observation effectively with this housebreaking guide from Pet Central. And when is that? If your dog is spayed before 2-1/2 years old, she is less likely to develop mammary tumors (about half are malignant). For example, your female dog should NOT be spayed at 6 months old. No part of this website may be copied, displayed on another website, or distributed in any way without permission from the author. You need to learn about canine genetics and researching pedigrees. A few weeks after a heat period, some intact females act as though they're going to have pups. Unspayed females can develop a … If you have a male dog, even a puppy this is a question you may have already asked yourself. Please don't take homes away from those dogs by creating more puppies. Alternatives to Neutering or Spaying. Let’s Look At The Pros And Cons Of Spaying Pros Of Spaying Your Female . And don't forget that spaying is major surgery under general anesthesia. You would feel sad and guilty. We got Waldo checked in as an outpatient. Their nipples produce milk and they become obsessed with stuffed toys as puppy substitutes. Once the dog is thoroughly sedated, an area is shaved on a foreleg and prepared for an IV catheter. The study was headed by Dr. Benjamin Hart and study results published in 2013. After spaying or neutering an older dog, side effects are usually minimal. Many believe a female dog should be spayed before her first heat cycle, and a male dog should be neutered within 6 months after birth. Other medications, such as antibiotics, may also be dispensed if a veterinarian has some concerns based on the pet’s medical particulars. So don't rush to spay. Most of the following statistics come from a 10-year study at the University of California (Davis) Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Pros & Cons of Adopting Adult Dogs. Here's How To Tell. Then your spayed dog will not become fat. See All of Michele's Best-Selling Dog Books, 11 Things You Must Do Right To Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy. The benefits for senior dogs differ from those experienced by puppies, but many good reasons exist for doing it, including to prevent some cancers and infection. If the lab work and exam are both satisfactory, at this point the dog usually receives a pre-operative sedative. Generally, this blood sample is drawn and processed by the veterinary technician shortly prior to surgery. It was with this mindset that I examined Waldo. There's a right time and many wrong times to have the surgery done. Pros of neutering: Your female does not – absolutely does not – need to have puppies in order to be happy or healthy. If you have a female dog please see our blog about spaying here. Vaccinations and Booster Shots: Are They Needed? What if your female passed along genes for a health problem? Imagine a puppy living with a painful health problem because your female had that problem in her genes yet was allowed to breed. Extra weight leads to debilitating joint disease, arthritis, heart disease, pancreatitis, and diabetes. As spaying is generally an elective surgery, some pet owners struggle with the idea of allowing their pet to go under anaesthetic and have an operation which isn’t medically necessary. There’s no doubt about it: Some spayed dogs are more likely to develop weaker bladder control in later life, while some are more prone to cystitis. Breeding is simply not worth it. Homemade Dog Food Delivered To Your House. Can you spay or neuter an older dog? Reduction of certain health risks. Circling back to risks and surgery, our initial patient, Waldo, was indeed diagnosed with an early-stage testicular cancer as well as enlargement of the prostate. Some dogs have complications while they are pregnant or … Spaying Can Stop Health Defects Spaying is an effective tool to stop congenital defects before they can be passed on through inheritance. Uterine infections are very, very bad. A dog who is NOT spayed is also called intact. However, that doesn’t mean that the findings don’t apply to smaller dogs too. Below are all of the pros and cons of removing a female dog’s reproductive hormones that I considered. The only breeds I might hesitate to spay are those most prone to hemangiosarcoma (scroll up to yellow box), since spayed females are the most likely to develop this cancer. Spaying offers partial protection against breast cancer. In my practice, we administer something called “balanced anesthesia.” This is a combination of very small doses of multiple different medications. Keep adjusting the amount you feed so she stays on the slender side, and provide plenty of exercise. November 27th, 2018 by Cherished Companions Animal Clinic. Pros of Spaying Dogs 1. Remember, your dog can develop health problems if spayed too early. Pros and cons of spaying a dog? Many beloved dogs die from pyometra, which can be completely prevented by spaying while your dog is still young and healthy. The patient is now prepped for surgery. The girls are shaved between the end of the rib cage and the pelvic bone; and the boys are shaved in the area from the penis to the scrotum. Any severe physical problems such as hip dysplasia, undershot jaw, overshot jaw, deafness, blindness, hairlip, cleft palate, in … For spaying older dogs, the veterinarian removes the ovaries and the uterus through a single incision near the dog’s belly button. Sure, maturity can reduce the risks of developing intact-dog-related health issues. Spaying and neutering helps your dog from getting pregnant. So yes, you can neuter an older dog—with a happy and healthy outcome! Even if your dog reaches full maturity, you'll still have to weigh-in the pros and cons of spaying your pet. The Best Dog Food. Please don't spay your dog before you read Chapter 10. In most cases, yes. Although veterinarians usually prefer to spay and neuter dogs when they are young, neutering or spaying older dogs, or any age dog for that matter, can be done with some careful planning. Dog training videos. Prescription pain medications help ease any post-operative discomfort in the first few days following surgery. Spaying an older dog. On the other hand, the cons of spaying/ neutering are hypothyroidism and weight gain, hip dysplasia, and risks associated with anaesthesia. Let's take a look at some of the positive things, and negative ones, that you need to take into account before you make a decision. All rights reserved. Depending on who you ask, the advice along with the fundamental facts can often vary a great deal. While others say that early spaying & neutering is too aggressive and spaying a dog after first heat is better as it will actually damage your pet’s health and shorten their lifespan if done too early. However, if you have an older dog, it’s still worth it to spay her. Nearly 1 in 4 intact females will develop an infection called. It is a very safe way to get the job done comfortably and with a minimum of unwanted adverse effects. So the main risks of spaying any dog are that an anaesthetic and a surgical procedure does carry some risk. Less testosterone is present, which means there is less of a desire to mark territory. Though spaying or neutering an older dog has side effects, sometimes it's used to treat or prevent illness. A dog who is allowed to breed must first be tested and cleared of certain health problems known to be hereditary. Spaying your dog will also prevent your dog from developing a life-threatening condition called “pyometra”. She needs her reproductive hormones for some time so her bones, joints, and internal organs can develop normally. I don't want to cause my dog any pain; she is already two years old, and very attached to our family (spending a nigh in an animal clinic would be extremely stressful for her). In fact, those safety precautions are often not used unless you specifically ask for them.