Speak to your mechanic about it at your next oil change. There is likely some small problem with either the switch or the wiring. I have taken it to several garages, but it could not be fixed. At the same time my temp gage is the only gage that drops then goes back to normal. light up when this happens. If the dash lights are too dim, you may be in luck! Sometimes it will go off on its own but I usually have to hit the dash and the lights will go off. Otherwise you will have to take it someone (dealer) who has an experienced person working on electrical systems.Sorry, but it will probably be an expensive repair.However, it will only get worse if not fixed and it may start affecting your lighting system or anything else that works off the electrical system.Try the auto parts store route first. This is a guide about dashboard lights going off and on. Never been in accident and always treated well. This is an electronic short in the car. About a month ago, my dash lights started going crazy, the "check TPM" light would flash, my wipers would go once , then my tire pressure readings would light up, my radio would turn on and off and finally my airbag light would Check that. Dash Lights on my Rado go out all the time. You have a short in the electrical system. My dashboard lights go on and off, especially when I accelerate on a high speed and sometimes when I press the car horn. Dashboard Lights Going Off and On While Driving? Fortunately, the car keeps driving. If your dash lights have been flickering, it's best to bring it in for an inspection. I've gone through a number of alternators on my Mitsubishi Eclipse, and when they fail, the dash lights start doing all kinds of crazy things! Something is probably rubbing/touching occasionally and that is why it to only happens sometime. Dash lights come on and off and car jerks like it is losing power. You might try going to a local auto parts store - AutoZone, Advance, Carquest, Pep Boys, most any of these have system checking machines and they may be able to help you. If you can't see the instrument panel, you won't be able to tell how fast you're going, how much gas you have left, how your engine is performing, and if there are any alerts that require your attention. If it was just the interior light, I wouldn't bother, but the dash lights are necessary. It may not be a dangerous thing but you will only know for sure when it is checked out. The dash lights and interior lights in my Chrysler Sebring 2002 convertible only work every so often. I have a 2008 F-150 my battery, check engine, and maintenance light turn on and off at the same time only for a half a second, but continue to do so every few minutes. Heated seats cmae on and off. If someone else adjusted it or you accidentally bumped it, this switch could make the lights too dark. If your dash lights have been flickering, it's … all my dashboard lights are flashing. So while driving, radio was flashing on and off like a railroad crossing signal. If this is not taken care of soon the engine will be effected and all of a sudden you can loose power to the engine and the car will stop running. All you need to do to fix it is to turn the dimmer switch back up. It doesn't affect the headlights or the interior lights that you can click on and off, just the dash lights, radio lights, temp Normally in the glove box of cars you can find fuses for the lights. lights blinking, horn blowing, etc. Yukon Having Electrical Problems After Installing New Plugs and Wires. My interior light works for all doors except for the driver's door, which is a real nuisance. The airbag light comes on, then the gauges go to zero, then back up to normal..I do not know what to do. I hit unlock button on key fob and it stopped. Can also happen when an alternator is going bad. You sure do not want your lights to flicker out one night when you are on the road so be safe and have it checked. My dash lights come on for a few minutes and go back out. You have some sort of electrical short that is causing this problem.Most likely the reason it only happens once in a while is the bad wire touches another wire or some part of the truck.You should also check your fuses.An electrical short is probably one of the more difficult problems to solve as you may have to check the complete electrical harness to find the problem and as you can see it is intertwined and involves all of your gauges.This could be dangerous so please get it checked out as soon as possible. Flickering dashboard lights are a problem, but they usually don't indicate a problem with the dash itself. Can turn them effectively off or to a brightness level. – Brian Knoblauch Aug 8 '11 at 12:09 They work maybe once or twice a month. Having a short in the electrical system of your car can be difficult to figure out the problem and a challenge to repair. Ford Windstar Van Dash Lights Don't Stay On? This may be in your electrical harness and that might have to be replaced (which will be very expensive). You could also have sensors in there instead of fuses. I have a 2000 Ford Windstar van. When you first turn a car on, all lights should illuminate as this is a “bulb check” to show you which bulbs in the cluster are good and which ones are not. Select your vehicle manufacturer for a detailed explanation of each dashboard symbol along with the recommended course of action to take. Do you know what is causing this and is there a cheap way to fix it? Could you tell me what the problem might be? All of a sudden all the gages would shut off and then after time they would come back on. Ask a QuestionHere are the questions asked by community members. I don't know what I'd do without the people working there and NO I don't work for them and have no interest in promoting them other than the fact that they have saved me time and money. Sometimes it is just a faulty fuse but usually in the wiring. Intermittent problems usually mean theres a short in the electrical system. Flickering Headlights on a 2013 Chevy Impala? I had that problem with the dashboard lights going off/on but it was for the alternator then my engine turned off completely. dash lights and ac go on and off - the lights on the dash go out and the ac stops also and then they come back on again. Getting access to these lights is usually best left to an expert. Just try these auto parts stores first before taking your car to a foreign service shop so you will know a little about the problem before they tell you their diagnosis.This is a safety hazard as it might cause more damage like a shortage and burn up the wiring system. This is on a 2010 Jeep Patriot. Sometimes without even hitting the dash after about 10 mins of driving dark they'll come back on, on their own. There are 2 fuse boxes, one inside the car and one under the hood.